About this Blog

Innovation, creativity, precision

Why we started a blog

John Tukey once said "The best thing about being a statistician is that you get to play in everyone's backyard". This is very true within an analytics consultancy, but sometimes interesting problems that present themselves end too soon. What we mean by this statement is, on occasion, further exploration into a technique or an interesting model is not warranted as the scope of the project does not allow it. This is where an analytics blog comes in. This acts as an incubator for further investigation into techniques which interest our analysts, data scientists and like-minded friends.

Who should read this blog

Anyone who wants to learn something new, explore techniques or just read about a fun application of a workhorse model. The team consists of individuals from quantitative fields such as economics, statistics and/or mathematics. This gives us a plethora of topics to explore. On this blog you will find anything from book reviews to useful function which could ease your daily coding life.

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